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Welcome to U Hope CDC, Inc. 

We are a Men’s Housing 501(c)(3) Non Profit Agency/Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia. As we progress at our agency/center, by establishing a thrift store, working along with more humanitarian organizations, and targeting further beneficial community needs, we welcome you to refer more people, be a part of us and/ or support us.
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  • Housing Programes
         1. Short term housing up to 90 days
         2.  Transitional housing up to 2 years

  • Food pantry
  • Case Management 
  • Job training 
  • Job Readiness
  • Food services
  • GED Preparation
  • Refer to St. Joseph Mercy Care for medical needs
  • Social services
  1. ID
  2. Legal issue
  3. Food stamps
  4. Medicare
  5. Medicaid
  6. Veterans Health Care
  7. Mental Health Care
Volunteer Activities
Volunteers are needed at our nonprofit organization.

If you would like to volunteer at U Hope CDC, please feel free to download the application form and return it to us.


Download application form: Click Here

  1. Volunteer Activities
  2. Volunteer Activities
  3. Volunteer Activities
  4. Volunteer Activities
  5. Volunteer Activities
  6. Volunteer Activities
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Clients' living & Activities
  1. Clients' living condition
  2. Clients' living condition
  3. Clients' living condition
  4. Clients' living condition
  5. Clients' living condition
  6. Clients' living condition
  7. Clients' living condition
  8. Clients' living condition
  9. Clients' living condition
Our goal is to create an environment that allows homeless single men to:

  • Embrace the leader within
  • Enjoy a stabilized, improved quality of life
  • Make increasingly responsible choices
  • Exert greater control over their life circumstances
  • Develop and exercise their competencies and talents
  • Experience personal security and dignity

U Hope provides 90 days short-term housing (shelter), two years transitional housing and permanent housing, case management, recovery support and empowerment support services for homeless single men 18 and older in North Fulton.

Men entering U Hope are offered a variety of support services to empower, educate and move men towards housing stability and self-sufficiency. Men participate in a goal setting process and an empowerment plan. Initial goals include addressing medical, social service and employment needs. Onsite life skills classes are conducted on topics such as job readiness, personal finances, and health and wellness. An advocacy program provides encouragement, motivation, and support during the participant’s stay.

U Hope addresses a long-standing need for emergency housing, transitional housing and permanent housing for men in the Sandy Springs community. Our housing is structure in a, 2-3 bedroom apartments and in-depth assessments to approximately 50-120 men a year. These men may be unemployed or underemployed and lack sufficient income to meet all the expenses of life in the North Fulton community.
U Hope uses volunteers to support and supplement the efforts of staff. Our volunteers enable us to continue our mission in providing the services to our participants. The Board of Directors and the U Hope staff extends their sincere gratitude to all of our volunteers. Our hope is that you will consider joining our family of volunteers.

Interested Candidates:
We have a variety of volunteer opportunity. The list below will give you an idea of our volunteer opportunities:

  • Food Pantry Worker
  • Group Facilitators
  • Donation Management
  • Male Mentors
  • Fundraiser Planner
  • Marketing
  • Administrative Assistant
  •  Thrift Store

Volunteer Requirements:
The major goal of U Hope is for all residents, staff and volunteers to have a safe and fulfilling experience while at U Hope.

All volunteers are required to complete the following:
Read the Volunteer Handbook
Express interest volunteering on line
Complete an Orientation by attending the Volunteer Orientation is held at U Hope 1120 Hightower Trail, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Age requirements for regularly scheduled volunteers: Less than 17 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian. Volunteers still in high school are not allowed one-on-one contact with our residents.

For more information please contact our HR Specialist at 770-202-8840 or email at  jharmon@uhopecdc.org


Every participant having the capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance results; while reflecting confidence in their ability to exert control over their own motivation, behavior, and social environment.

Our mission is to provide safe and supportive housing for homeless men and veterans; affording them the opportunity to develop the leader within, through life enrichment services.

Our philosophy is that men are leaders and we encourage them to embrace the leader within. We recognize the value(s) of each participant. We offer a second chance and new choices for our fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers. We believe in restoring the dignity of our participants.